iSpoofer for POGO | Pokemon Go plugin download and installation instruction

The epidemic has greatly affected the activity area of ​​Pokémon players, causing everyone to miss many country-restricted physical activities in Pokémon. Therefore, many players want to modify the GPS positioning through the trapeze program, so that they can easily catch treasures, fight, do tasks, and brush bosses at home. iSpoofer for POGO is a familiar trapeze plug-in tool, which is widely sought after due to its simple operation.

Recently, iSpoofer has been heavily criticized and reviewed by Niantic officials, resulting in the frequent failure of online installation addresses.Therefore, in addition to explaining the download address and installation method of iSpoofer, this article will also introduce you to another Pokémon plug-in tool.Tenorshare iAnyGoand the most complete Pokémon trapeze teaching method.

Part 1: How to install iSpoofer for POGO to become a Pokemon Go Flyer?

1. Where is the iSpoofer official website?

The download address of iSpoofer is as follows, and the official website is currently suspended. From the Twitter article, it can be seen that it is very likely that the site will be closed at the official request of the game. Whether the connection can be restored in the future is still unknown. With the continuous loss of users, the possibility of permanent shutdown cannot be ruled out.

Although the site has been closed, this article still finds the installation method of iSpoofer for POGO for you.If you feel that iSpoofer for POGO is unstable and difficult to use, I recommend you to skip directly to the second part of this article to check the alternative tools for the strongest iSpoofer for POGO, such as Tenorshare iAnyGo.

  • Official website:

  • Mobile version website:

  • Direct installation link:

  • ispoofer website closed

    2. How to install iSpoofer for POGO?

    Since the official website has been closed, we have collected a lot of information and found the following method to install iSpoofer for you. Use iFunbox to install the IPA file provided by iSpoofer to your device. The specific operations are as follows:

    First, you need to uninstall Pokemon GO from the device, and prepare a computer and a data cable that can connect to your iPhone or iPad.

    Step 1: Visit the latest ipa link provided by the official: the IPA file to the computer.

    Step 2: Download the tool that can install the IPA file to the iOS device. We recommend iFunbox for you, because its interface is relatively simple and the operation is simple.

    Step 3: Execute the software, click “Installer” at the top of the main interface, and then put the previously downloaded ipa file in the specified path, and operate according to the software’s prompts.

    Install ispoofer with ifunbox

    If the software is downloaded with your Apple ID, it can be installed directly. If the software is downloaded from the Internet, you need to install a patch called AppSync (a jailbroken device is required), otherwise the installed APP will appear. Unexpected situations such as flashback.

    Since iFunbox is not an official installation channel, there is a certain security risk in installing APP through it, and it is unknown whether iSpoofer will maintain this software in the future.For the protection of your iPhone and Pokémon game account, we recommend that you use more secure and effective toolsTenorshare iAnyGo Fulfill your Pokemon Go trapeze wish.

    Part II: Tenorshare iAnyGo, the strongest alternative to iSpoofer for POGO, realizes Pokémon plug-in

    Want to play Pokemon GO with trapeze mode for a long time?Tenorshare iAnyGo Definitely your best choice! Without jailbreaking, you can modify the GPS location of Pokemon GO with a simple operation. At the same time, this software can simulate the real movement speed, minimizing the risk of being discovered by the official using the trapeze program.

    This software is very considerate to provide a free trial version. You can buy it with confidence after you experience it. After purchasing, you can travel around the world in Pokémon games anytime, anywhere! This software provides 100% security guarantee, and there is no need to worry about the software suddenly not working.

    The safest iSpoofer for POGO alternative, what are the recommended features of iAnyGo?

  • One-click to modify the positioning of the iPhone
  • Plan dynamic routes, set the position of two or more points, set movable routes
  • Generate historical records to facilitate the next use of a unified geographic location
  • Works with all apps that use location, such as Pokemon GO, Facebook, fitness apps, and more
  • Supports the latest mobile phones and iOS systems, including iPhone 13 and iOS 15
  • Whether you want to check in all over the world, or modify your location on the dating app to meet more handsome guys and beauties, Tenorshare iAnyGo can satisfy your wish!

    1. How to use Tenorshare iAnyGo to modify the geographic location with one click?

    Step 1: Download and install Tenorshare iAnyGo with your computer. After running the software, you can select the mode you want to move from the left, which include “Positioning Modification”, “Single-point Movement” and “Multi-point Movement”. If you want to modify the location directly, you can select “Location Modification”, and click “Enter” to connect your phone to the computer.

    ianygo main interface

    Step 2: Directly click on the location you want to move on the map, or enter an address or GPS coordinates. Click “Start Editing” when finished, and the software will immediately change the location of your iPhone to the specified location.

    At the same time, all applications in your phone will also modify the geographic location. If you want to check the original GPS position, you can click the “Return” button in the lower left corner, and all the positions you have used will appear in the “History”.

    ianygo realizes Pokémon trapeze

    2. How to move according to the set route to become a Pokemon Go trapeze?

    Step 1: On the main interface, click the second option “Single Point Move” and click “Enter” to continue.

    Step 2: At this point, you can set the position of the start and end points, and you also need to set the speed and number of moves.

    Step 3: Click “Start Moving”, the software will follow the instructions to move. During the process, you can also press the “Pause” or “Stop” button at any time.

    ianygo solves the problem that ispoofer cannot be installed

    3. Pokémon trapeze teaching, planning more complex routes

    If you want to arrange a more complex movement route, you can also use the “multi-point movement” mode to complete it.

    Step 1: On the main interface, click the third option “Multi-Point Move” and click “Enter” to continue.

    Step 2: Similarly, you can click on multiple locations on the map, or enter geographic coordinates on the left. At the same time, you can adjust the movement speed and times.

    Step 3: After clicking “Start Moving”, you can see the moving route of the software from the interface.

    ianygo replaces ispoofer-for-pogo


    Want to play Pokémon without going out?This article provides the installation teaching of iSpoofer for POGO. Since the official website has been closed, it is uncertain whether it will be opened in the future, so we recommend you to use another more secure and stable Pokémon plug-in toolTenorshare iAnyGoI hope this tutorial can help you!